Our Services

Review Response

- Responds to all reviews on any review site.

- Responds to negative reviews with hopes of earning that customer/client back & fix issues.

- Respond to positive reviews to build a relationship with the customer/client and to keep up on what the business is doing correctly.

- Emails client weekly to let them know about the reviews their business is receiving and come up with a plan to either fix issues or keep up the good work.

Monthly Meetings

Meet once a month to discuss any changes, upcoming events, strategic ways to build business and boost revenue.

Social Media Development

-Setup or takeover your existing social media accounts to make sure your business has an amazing online presence.

- Update your accounts several times a day informing customers of new items, specials, events or even giveaways.

- Come into your business/event to take pictures of products to post on various social media platforms.

- Use Facebook, Instagram, Google+ & Twitter and other platforms.

Brand Awareness

 -Letting the world know who you are.

- We do it online and/or offline to show the world who you are.

- We do this in ways of advertising, simple social media posts, working with charities and giveaways.



-Set up a YouTube Channel to post and make videos for the product.

- Come record at events to post for consumers to see.

- Setup weekly video posts about upcoming events, giveaways and new products.



Content Coaching

Content gives your brand personality and is your chance to show the world who you are through words. With content development, strategy distribution & reporting, your business/brand can be at the top of your game!

Email Marketing

Your customers/clients always want to know what’s going. Let us help you by creating monthly newsletters that include special occasions any updates going on in your business. Also to send out special rewards and discounts for birthdays, anniversary’s and new customers!

Social School

Teaching individuals and business how to use social media. Whether you are a business, brand or just someone who just can’t get the hang of social media, this school is for you!


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 Our web design starts at a one time fee of $500 with a monthly maintenance fee of $100